HigherSelf Business is here!

We’re changing the way retail works in our communities to ensure that our collective dollar stretches a lot further.  HigherSelf Business is designed to build and sustain our communities economically.  We invest in quality products made by amazing local entrepreneurs.  We then enlist community members to retail these products, earning money from every sale — all via this online store platform.  Our retailers can earn up to $2 for each $1 in profit that we make on every product sold.

How It Works

  • HigherSelf buys products from community producers.
  • We make these products available for people to sell and earn money.
  • Everybody profits!

Key Points

  • $2 for $1 – We’re here to help you make as much money as possible.  HigherSelf Retailers earn up to twice as much as the company does on any sale.  If HigherSelf earns $10, then our retailers can earn $20.
  • Anti-MLM – We don’t believe in multi-level marketing models.  We don’t want the contacts in your phone, no pyramids, no recruiting people, no sign-up fees etc.  You simply sell products and get paid.  We believe in empowerment over exploitation, always!
  • Transparency – HigherSelf’s Producers and Retailers know exactly what they’re earning, and exactly when they’ll be getting paid.  We don’t do surprises.
  • We’re All We Got – Building local businesses is the key to creating self-sustaining economies.  We’ve got to buy from each other and sell to each other.

Get Involved

Become A Retailer

Fill out this form, and be on your way to using unique promo codes to earn money selling the amazing products on higherself.biz.


Become A Producer

We’re buying products from community entrepreneurs, artists and artisans. If that’s you or someone you know, complete this form to get started!



Shop here to support our amazing community Producers and Retailers. Also, don’t forget to use a promo code…

When a sale is made using a promo code associated with a HigherSelf Retailer, we know to pay them.  You’re saving money while helping your favorite Retailer earn money!


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